Friday, December 19, 2014

Slow Sunday

Sometimes there are days where time literally seems to slow. Sunday was one of those days for me! Church was early and the benefit was that our day stretched beautifully before us with snow flurries and the coziness of home beckoning.

I've been longing for the old fashioned Christmas projects {partially inspired by this} - orange slices, cranberries and popcorn, oranges with cloves, etc... So, I purchase oranges and cranberries and make time to enjoy these simple pleasures.

My littles were nearly beside themselves that it snowed! It wasn't much - but they scraped together two teeny snowmen!

Then we feasted on wraps inspired by one my mom tasted in the airport recently. We were also inspired by walking through the new Trader Joe's and finding yummy ingredients which resulted in these glorious wraps: Ezekiel 4:9 tortillas, garlic hummus, salad with cucumber, celery and carrots, broccoli slaw and a sprinkle of cheese. I added a little ranch dressing to mine - yum!

Orange Beauty came next! Emily was inspired to create a story about the Christmas Orange. It was a day that was a feast for the senses finished off by watching The Hundred Foot Journey.