Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Good Medicine

Even though this was weeks ago now, I still think about how it was good medicine to spend an evening with a dear friend! What a gift to be able to be completely at ease, be completely myself in all my mess {struggling to get mentally and emotionally over the lice experience which was traumatic} and to be loved on in the midst of that. What a gift.

So thankful for the gift of beauty, cozying up on the couch, a Hallmark Christmas movie {!!} and just to take a deep breath and relax. Thank you, dear friend for all the lovely special touches and for pouring out the good medicine of friendship into my weary soul. Thankful for you!

We also hung out on Black Friday enjoying some friend time shopping together - do you go Black Friday shopping for the deals or to hang out with sweet friends? It was the latter for me this year and it was sweet medicine! Peppermint Hot Chocolate makes it even sweeter :)

Another does of good medicine was delivering our Thankful for You breakfast and then staying to enjoy it together! It was a gorgeous Saturday morning - perfect for snuggling up by a fire and enjoying pumpkin pancakes and good friends! A sweet farewell to Fall!