Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturday Morning Yard Saling

A sweet friend and I enjoyed a fun morning of yard saling recently! I spent less than $5 for the above and really the best part was what a fun time we had together!!! I cannot remember the last time I went to yard sales, they have been tricky for me to figure out in the south and truly more fun to go with someone! Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't - but the hunt is fun either way!

Slate Chalkboard $1
Peterson's Field Guide to Birds 0.50
Canning Jar Lifter: 0.50
Vintage Ornaments :$2
Wooden Yard Stick: free {I bought the ornaments and jar lifter at the same sale and she charged me $2.50 for everything!}
Chunky Vintage Black Picture Frame: 0.50