Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Gift: Apron and Baking Mix

Emily recently received a birthday party invite and so far, I've stuck with homemade gifts this year. This invite was a bit more last minute and I was seriously tempted to just buy something - but here is what we came up with!

On a trip to Wal-Mart, I asked Emily to pick out a cake mix and frosting she liked and told her I'd make an apron to go with it. We dug through my fabric and made the apron entirely from things we found around our house.

The crocheted flower was passed on to me by a friend, she gave me a small ziploc full of several of these with pins on the back. This was the perfect little embellishment to dress this up. I used this tutorial but added about two inches to the skirt and bodice pieces just to make sure it would fit a girl a bit older than the girls shown in the tutorial.

I made the apron in one evening and it was fun - we love how it turned out! I spent about $3 for this gift!