Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Slow Evening Beauty

At the end of our second week of school I was downright weary. I was craving beauty and with a borrowed beach park pass - we secretly planned a Family Night picnic. It was a huge hit and I literally felt physically better on our way home than I had on the way there - beauty. It just does this to me. I knew I needed it and I am so grateful for these moments to slow, rest, do nothing, be recharged.

I love how the sound of the ocean sort of muffles other sounds, it is commanding and that white noise is such a blessing and calming to the soul. We saw lightning, a very faint rainbow, birds and heard tons of squeals and giggles of delight from our three. It was a delight to the senses - and it filled me up. I am so grateful.

I bought the sunflowers at the grocery store and everything else came from shopping our own home/yard. The second part of the beauty comes when we get home - I always clean everything up right away and look forward to a peaceful spot to download my photos and relive it all again. I always look forward to this part!!!