Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Slow, Your Slow

I've been thinking lately that slow is so different for every home, every family, every life. If you choose to make that jaunt into slow and let it calm your days and heart, it will look different than when I do that. And, there is also a real possibility and likelihood that if you are around me you might not think my life is slow enough to talk about slow so much.

Thoughts creep in and make me wonder about what you are thinking of me and I try to push them out. So before they take over, I have this realization that this is my slow. This is the slow that works for us for right now. It may not work next week or next year or in ten years, but it is how we slow right now.

And you have a reality like that. Slow that works for me doesn't work exactly the same for you. Only you and I each know our own real reality, what life is like daily. Only you or I with God together know how to slow that reality down.

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for slow. Not every family will even consider this a priority or even something they need. Maybe life is too slow for them and they need more community. There is even the negative side of slow - dilly dallying, laziness, lack of common sense.

Let slow slip into your home and heart in your very own way, like slipping on clothes that are just your style. Let slow wrap you up in a peace that frantic makes impossible. Be you. Slow Down. Breathe. slow.....