Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to School Thoughts

A few things to ponder with your young students and for your hearts as well as we enter Back to School season. These ideas/questions are not necessarily homeschool specific!

Have you ever sat down with your children and said, "How does Math help us know more about God? How does Math point us to God?" Consider that 1+1 is always 2, it never changes just as God never changes. God is a God of order as evidenced everyday in creation around us and Math is very orderly. We rely on Him for the strength to complete something hard, etc... What thoughts will you come up with?

As we study and learn, our goals should be centered around the thought that we want to know more of who God is and we want to be able to communicate who God is. I love the mission of Classical Conversations, "To know God and make Him known." Consider how we can apply this in our own academics this year.

Have you ever considered with your children how what they are learning can be a blessing in the future? How might God use the fact that they can read and write? How might that help others have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and see it lived out before them? How will Math or Geography be a blessing and service in God's Kingdom?

A verse that I've been camped out on in consideration to our new school year is:

Isaiah 50:4, "The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens me to listen like one being taught."

I wrote out a lovely schedule that seemed simple until we tried it the first day. That weekend, I prayed and considered and talked to David and knew something needed to change. In the end, our school has been stripped down in such simplicity that only God could have orchestrated. We are getting more done in less time with more peace and less stress. As I said, only God.

If you are homeschooling, you might enjoy this new blog. I have found peace and a deep breath in relation to homeschooling here.