Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mountain Camping Day One

While our family has done a fair amount of traveling, we have not gone on much of a family vacation just to explore, be together and see historic sights.

Heading out with our trusty driver and his cute helpers - we headed towards North Carolina. We love going towards the Blue Ridge Parkway and hope God allows us to end up living near there some day. At any rate, we packed up a borrowed tent, camping accoutrements and had an adventure!

Our first stop was a picnic lunch creek side! So fun!

Then it was time to set up and settle into camp!

Lots of exploring and creative play with ferns! Emily made an umbrella and a door mat into our tent. Samuel made a fishing pole and probably a bow and arrow plus collected sticks everywhere we went! Rachel made a nest and picked a few rhododendrons for our centerpiece. I preferred to try a laurel design with scrap paper and a glue stick!

Don't you love my faithful dishwashing brigade? :) Love them.

The campground was great - Julian Price on the Blue Ridge Parkway! Tacos made a yummy first campsite meal and then it was time to read, play a game and go to bed.

PS: Campground bathrooms give me the creeps. And, before I finish talking about camping - can we talk camp hair?! Sort of a tricky one when there are no showers, but yay for hats! One last random thought - the burly biker dude camping a couple of sites over insisted on taking this photo of all of us as his mom was never in photos either :) sweet.