Friday, July 18, 2014

Monticello and Fireworks with Friends!

Up and at it the next morning it was time to break camp and continue on our journey! We spent a lot of this day driving, but did have a fun stop at Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's home. We had gone here when I was young, but it was a new stop to everyone else in our family.

No photos allowed inside the house of course, but here are a few from outside. Rachel and I were interested to note that Jefferson's only surviving daughter lived here also with her eleven children that she home-schooled at Monticello.

They have a really fun kids portion of Monticello - it is not in the original house where of course everything is "no touch" but when we walked in this kids area the guy working in there said, "You can touch anything in here!" Super fun. They had made duplicates of many of the things in Jefferson's home so it was extra fun to be hands on. I was praising Monticello while we were there for everything was run very efficiently and well organized! We had a timed reservation and it was great and very smooth!

Next, we went to some friends house for the evening and to spend the night! Such fun to see our friends and we did fireworks too! Showers and laundry were so welcome also after camping :)