Thursday, July 31, 2014


Up and at it the next morning we were ready to explore Boston! First adventure of the day: Next, figuring out how to buy a ticket for public transportation: bus, subway, train?! Our kids loved this!!! And, talk about reasonable - kids are free and David and I were just a few dollars each way.

The subway deposited us at Boston Commons and while we were waiting to meet up with a friend, we found a fun park and enjoyed a few quiet slow minutes of just being and enjoying. Lovely.

I can promise you I do not remember every detail of every photo here - so I'm going to let the photos speak. We walked the entire Freedom Trail at our own pace, went in Paul Revere's home, had a charming and heavenly Italian lunch (I had this amazing white pizza with carmelized onions and crispy prosciutto, mmmmm my mouth is watering again!) and took a water taxi. Tiring, full of memories, hot, yet so fun! Our kids were so good with all that walking and we were just bursting with pride at what good travelers they proved to be.

But, wait! There is one thing I want to tell you about - the Boston Tea Party Museum. Hands down, our favorite part of the entire day. Interactive, fun, informative, super well done and creative - we loved it! This was one of two attractions we paid a fee to get into in Boston and it was well worth the admission ticket price. We paid just a few dollars to see the Paul Revere house and while not super impressive and quite small, it was worth going into when we were right there.