Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Slow Summer: Enjoying the Porch

Every time we go to Colorado, it feels like we sit outside more and enjoy porches more than we do at home. Part of this of course is weather, part of it is schedule and just being able to slow down more easily when we are away from home and responsibilities.

We have a wonderful front porch and screened in back porch and I decided this summer, we're going to use our porches more. Especially the front porch which we just haven't used much recently. So, one night after dinner - I dished up ice cream and put it on a tray and announced dessert would be served on the porch!

It was lovely and slow! I was so glad we did it!

I love to sit on a porch at dusk with a candle lit on the porch! It instantly transforms me to the first time I remember doing this which stands out as a golden treasured memory. I was in Iowa for my sister's college graduation staying with some friends of hers. They had a jar with a candle inside on the porch and she went out and lit it at night.

One night I found myself out there on a bench wrapped in a quilt alone and it was one of the most peaceful experiences I can remember. I loved it. I wanted to recreate it every night thereafter. And, I've never forgotten that feeling. I watched people walk by, reflected, thought, prayed, just sat. Nothing earth shattering, but oh-so-slow and refreshing.

I told myself this summer, I would sit on the porch at dusk with a lantern lit. And, I have begun - there is something about dusk that is so nice. The light is just right and when it gets too dark it is time to go back inside.

Another afternoon, I found myself with children playing in the driveway and me stretched out lazily on the porch swing reading a book and just enjoying the moment.

And, then as rain begins to drip and peacefully drum - I spontaneously decide to serve dinner al fresco. It was so lovely! All this porch enjoyment and we'd only been home a week. I am absolutely loving it! Slow summer down and enjoy your porch this summer!