Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: Boltwell Emergency Kit

Getting caught on my reviews - next up is this Boltwell Emergency kit. I received this kit courtesy of Boltwell to review here on my blog all opinions are my own.

Boltwell has come up with a great idea in encouraging us to be prepared in case of an emergency. Where I live it is likely hurricanes, every place has other things like fire, flooding, etc... We all hope nothing like this will ever happen, but if it does would we have time to run around and collect everything we need.

Anything we can have prepared and ready ahead of time just helps us in the moment. For years, I kept a blizzard kit in the back of my car while I lived in Colorado and now I've had a hurricane box under my bed since I've lived in the South.

This kit was helpful for me because it sort of filled in a lot of things I did not have in my existing kit. I had a can opener, toilet paper, toothbrushes and batteries - but not a weather crank radio, toilet kit, lantern, tool, etc.

The kits are neat in that there is a Foundation Kit with add-on kits that would fit your specific need/situation. I do find them to be quite pricey which is a down side for me, although everything I received was also good quality and is already done for me.

I like that as they say their site is not all gloom and doom like many emergency preparedness things can be - it is up to date, easy to navigate and low stress.

I've now got my box right next to the hurricane kit I've had assembled for years and everything is easily accessible and ready to use if I ever need it. And, I was grateful for the opportunity to review this item as it will be a blessing to know we have it on hand! Thanks, Boltwell!