Friday, June 13, 2014

Heart Retreat: A Slow Journaling Exercise Continued

Yesterday, we began looking at a mini retreat for your heart and mind focused on slow. I'm basing this exercise on an acronym I've been using this year to walk through slowing: surrender, less, obey, worship.

Continuing on in your retreat, or again it can be another day - we're going to look at the word obey.

Ponder Matthew 11:30, "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

What words, thoughts or phrases come to mind when you think of obeying?

Spend your desired amount of time processing obedience for yourself. What in your life right now needs your obedience? Something that came to my mind is the thought that first time obedience is not just for children. Hmmm, ponder that one for a few minutes.

Is God asking you to obey Him in something right now? What decision can you make to begin acting on that and following Him in it? Pray and talk to God about this.

Now, we move to worship. You can write out Scripture that comes to mind, sing a praise song, pray and thank God, write down things you are thankful for, etc... This is not a recipe for what to do - it is just one idea.

Quietly reflect in your heart with an attitude of worship even being thankful and praising God for the time you have spent with Him.

I didn't watch the time, but I'm thinking that up to this point I had spent about three hours reflecting, journaling, thinking and praying.

One more post on Monday - hope you'll join me!