Friday, May 02, 2014

Scrappy Patchwork Pillows

When I ordered the girls Easter dress fabric, I received a lovely gallon size Ziploc of scrappy pieces as a surprise in my delivery! What fun to see such lovely pieces of fabric and to imagine all the creating I could enjoy with them! {sometimes they have them for sale here.}

This is the first project and the Ziploc still seems full! I had fun piecing these pillow covers together. No pattern, just doing what I liked and what fit together. I did more Springy colors on the fronts and blues and greens on the backs which seems more summery and cool to me.

After seeing some Christmas pillows on my couch in a photo, I loved the pops of color so it has sort of been on my radar to make something fun and cheerful for pillow covers. I added zippers so I can go back to how the original or make another cover and switch them out at some point. But, for now - I love these!!!

They cost me absolutely zero because the scrappy bag was an unexpected gift and the zippers were a gift too from my friend Grace. They were adorable red/white polka dot zippers - so fun! I spontaneously decided to top stitch everything and just love the extra dimension that adds!

I could not get a picture I was happy with inside today - so will try again to show them in my Living Room!