Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Graceful and Grace-full

We enjoyed the girls ballet recital this weekend! I chose this title on my post because last year my parents were not able to travel here to be with us for the recital. We got super creative and rigged it up to Skype during the recital so they were able to view it live - and I don't know if I can explain why, but this was the hardest night I've had being away from them.

Not too long ago - my Dad suggested that my Mom come out here for recital this year. As I mentioned yesterday, we surprised the littles and it was precious! This evening was full of grace - being together, being able to reach over and squeeze my Mom's hand or whisper something during the performance and to rejoice in knowing she was with us.

Just as recital started, my heart was full - and then I thought of my Dad and I was near tears almost instantly. He must feel the way I did last year as he was at home knowing we were at the recital and he was not with us. We missed you Dad, so much!

We reminisced about how the girls have grown in poise, confidence and gracefulness. And, my grace gauge read full in those moments. I felt overflowing. An abundance of grace. Sweet gracefulness in little ladies hearts. Grace-full indeed.