Monday, April 28, 2014

Slow Weekend

It was a lovely weekend full of slow and productivity. Working hard does not mean slow cannot exist. Above, the girls scattered petals and leaves all over the front sidewalk which was beauty for all who walked by.

Thursday night, David spotted one egg in our cardinal nest. The next morning there were two and by Saturday - there were three!

We have also had fun noticing what a beautiful location {although thorny!} this mama bird chose - she may not realize it yet but the entire bush is about to explode in pink blooms! We have fun saying she will have the most lovely home without even realizing it!

A Rachel-ized version of David and Goliath - love.


Teddy bear swing rides...

Sunlight heading towards setting for the evening - creating beauty as it sparkles between leaves and branches.

I also want to talk gardening and meals on the porch! Coming up this week ...