Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Slow: Luke 17:11-19 Part Two

*These ten were so close to choosing a heart posture of slow but instead they chose "slo" leaving out the worship. Except for one! He is a beautiful picture to us! Don't you think Jesus had continued His journey? How did the leper even find Jesus? Imagine how much harder it was to find and be found when technology was not tracking us like it is these days. All the others went back to some other life, but this one, oh, this one.

*This is also a picture to us of how we may feel at choosing slow. We may feel like we are the only one pursuing this lifestyle and heartstyle. But look at what blessing this one received for choosing a narrow, less traveled road! And, he was an unlikely candidate for choosing Jesus, as it notes - he was a Samaritan.

* See vs. 19, "Rose and go, your faith has made you well." Is this a picture of not only his physical healing but now spiritual as well? This has changed his life forever - literally, not just for his earth-bound days.

*To recap, we see the elements of a slow-posture here:

- surrender: the men called out to Jesus out of a deep need and a desperation, He gave them a task and they did it.

- less: these were already lowest of the low, outcasts, rejected by many. Yet they lowered themselves by admitting their need, and acknowledging that He is greater!

- obey: when Jesus said "go" - they went. There is not a delay described.

- worship: This is where 9 out of 10 got out of the slow lane and jumped right back into the broad path of life and culture. Yet, one lone soul is seeking and full of thanks and he exuberantly comes! He throws himself at Jesus' feet, he calls out praise in a loud voice.

It strikes me that as lepers they had to loudly alert others so they could stay away. This one is so accustomed to this loud speaking and hot it turns people away in fear, not so with Jesus who allows him the freedom to come close and have the opportunity to live a quiet life.

How do you think these men lived after this? While purely speculation - would you tend to think that our one slow-chooser will make the most eternal impact because he had not only his health restored but his future in eternity had a change of address as well. Will he minister to others? Share his faith? Continue in a posture of worship and thankfulness?

Will I?

How will I slow to give thanks today?

Photos: playing at the park with friends on our last day of CC!