Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where is God in Slow?

When I choose a word for the year, I will frequently scour Amazon for titles of books I can put on hold at the library that might be a good fit with my word to learn more and dig deeper. Doing this with slow has been somewhat disappointing.

It is not that there are no books on slowing - though they are not as plentiful as many other topics. So far, I've checked two out and so far I've been disappointed twice. The titles won't even make it into my books I've read for the year list because I did not finish them.

The authors are definitely interested in slowing, but I've been so disappointed by the lack of God's presence in these books. It was just very obvious in both instances that God was not part of their life. I may have even snapped one book shut when they quoted a song prayer we've sung for years and had changed a very important word: from God to Earth.

There was potential in both books to be great and there were probably very good things within, I guess I am just looking for slowing in a way that relates my walk with God to my life on Earth. This will continue to be what I am searching for - finding God in the slowing of life. I am eager to dig into His Word and see what I can learn!