Thursday, March 13, 2014

Setting a Slow Example

David's alarm rang at 5:44 am the morning after Spring Forward. Ugh. I'd just gone back to sleep after waking at 3:25 and was not eager to jump out of bed. After a busy weekend and that facing the week ahead feeling - I just wanted to crawl in a hole.

But, I did get up and get started on my thankful journal and Bible Study. During my Bible time, I realized that I had a big written list of things I wanted to get done today. And, I was feeling physically icky from fatigue and anxiety. I surrendered the day to God and crawled right back in bed burying my head under the covers.

As I am laying in bed, I feel like a car driving in the wrong lane and just pray over and over - Lord, take control of this day!!

My sweet littles slept in too I guess because the next thing we know it is 8:15 and Samuel is crawling into bed with me and the girls are gently walking across the kitchen floor. I feel so thankful that I made extra applesauce pancakes the night before so breakfast will be simple and lovely. Calling them all together as I speak from my throne on the pillows I share humbly that I slept poorly and we are throwing our written lists out today. We are going to focus on what must be done and on slowing.

If I continue to push forward and ahead even when I know it is not best - how am I setting an example of slowing?

We toast pancakes and pour syrup and Rachel prays that I will not be stressed today and that they will be good helpers. I tell her that is one reason we are scrapping our lists is that I know it will set me up for stress to maintain that and sometimes we have to embrace Plan B.

After breakfast, the girls cleaned out their desk drawers while Samuel and I enjoyed a little Mama-Son Candy Crush :) As I moved on to get my shower I was humming and had a delayed realization that I was humming Have Thine Own Way.

I scratched several BIG things from my list including school as usual. We went to a Bible class, prepared our presentations for CC, read aloud, practiced piano and Awana verses plus made dinner together.

Sometimes it is so tricky and challenging to live between the what-I-want-to-get-done-today and what I must get done today. I also cancelled walking with some mama friends which I really wanted to go to. But, I realize that if I continue to not model flexibility and slowing, my children may grow up hearing about it but not understanding how to live it out.

And, yeah - I did get stressed around lunch time when three sweet littles were running around creating chaos and liveliness. So thankful for the forgiving hearts of these three. They are good to their mama. Rachel prayed for me again at lunch and after they played outside a bit - we were all in a better place again.

Thank You, Lord for taking over today and bringing beauty in the midst of my broken-ness and easily-stressed-tendencies. As the evening grows later, the glow of the day grows brighter and I am tired but grateful.

** Chicken Zucchini Casserole is very similar to this recipe.