Monday, March 17, 2014

God's Design Studio: Group Baby Shower

Our community of CC mamas has been blessed in that EIGHT of them are either expecting a baby or just recently had a baby! My friend and I were trying to brainstorm a way to have a big group baby shower without overwhelming everyone with a big expense for gifts.

We tossed around bringing super small gifts, drawing names and such but she finally suggested freezer food - awesome idea! So, we asked all the expecting moms to bring a cooler or thermal bag and others of us brought freezer food and divided it up among them. We were able to send each family home with 2-3 dinner, cookie dough and muffins or scones!

As I was thinking to a theme for our shower, it was tricky because not everyone knows the gender yet and we already have two baby girls and several expected little boys. The first idea I started out with is that I really wanted to make those tissue paper poufs out of some vintage thrifted patterns. So, just a couple of nights before, I pulled those patterns out and started making those and the idea was sort of born to just pull out creative and art supplies to decorate.

And, my theme became God's Design Studio. All kinds of thoughts of His Creativity, Design, Scripture verses and lovely thoughts just poured out into this. I spent a total of $4 for the roses and shopped my house for the rest.

Lesson learned: food was kept super simple and we did not plan the morning - it was completely free of expectations once everyone arrived. It was just glorious to have easy lovely food to set out and then enjoy the laughter and chatter that carried us through the next three hours!

Pictures were taken at different stages of preparing on two different days, enjoy!