Monday, February 24, 2014

The Gift of Slow

David planned a wonderful get away for the two of us for two nights and it was the absolutely perfect gift - slow, relaxing, restful, no agenda, quiet, time together. Pure bliss!

First stop was our favorite date night spot - a local Japanese restaurant. We haven't been there in a long time because they took our favorite teriyaki selections off the menu. But, David called ahead and arranged for us to special order - YUM!!!!! It was delish and what a treat!

Everything was a surprise, I knew we were going somewhere - but David planned the whole thing and arranged child care and the whole nine yards. Such a gift.

Thanks to a coworker of David's - we had a cute beach house to call home for our time away. Lazy mornings, lots of reading, a two hour nap before noon! and so much relaxing and laughing and enjoying being together.

Don't let those flip flops fool you! It was downright chilly and extremely damp! I had not brought warm enough clothes - so we just did not spend a whole lot of time outside, but had to go to the beach at least for a few minutes! We had a little adventure with the golf cart battery dying, but a friendly neighbor helped out!

It was the perfect gift and a treasure of new memories!