Friday, February 14, 2014

Slow Holidays: Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just a little slow inspiration if you are looking for some homey family fun for today! You'll see some of these things reappear during my next Slow Day post :)

The purpose of today's inspiration is slow, simple, celebrate, quick, pretty, fun, memories!

~ shop your house for anything red, pink and/or white! It will be fun to see what comes together.

~ sprinkles go a long way in the festive food department!

~ super easy Valentine pizzas with a tortilla for crust: yum!

~ one big cookie with simple M&M decorations is much easier and faster than individual cookies and just as yummy.

~ red, pink, white paper and/or craft supplies {only pull red/pink markers or crayons or paints for example} can make a quick Valentine craft.

~ rhyming with candy hearts printable in three levels and blanks; we also used this for a fun musical hearts sort of game {think musical chairs with Frozen music from You Tube blaring!}

~ Valentine tic-tac-toe printable

~ we will enjoy a candlelight dinner in front of a fire and a stay at home day!

~ a heart shaped cookie cutter can turn into lots of fun and quick lunch options: cheese/crackers, grilled cheese or pjb, pizza, biscuits and eggs, etc...

~ read Valentine themed books! Or just read books and/or play games together. Time together = love.

~ have a tea party or a bedtime treat with candles or surprise with breakfast in bed or a candlelight bath before bed

~ give hugs, tell why you love them, smile, laugh, love on each other

* Simple and slow will still be meaningful and memorable!*