Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ordering Slow Day

A few weeks recently, I've been using the acronym for S.L.O.W. to order my Slow Days. In some ways I can see it would work for any day but so far has been great for Slow Days.

Order {I've also used Others for this slot too}

So, I might write out those four headings with space between each one and then filling in things underneath.

For example, my morning Quiet Time/Bible Study could fit under either Surrender or Worship. Our weekly Home Blessing Hour that we do each Slow Day fits under Order. Pulling out a few things to get rid of and/or exercising fits under Less. Spending time listening to our favorite Bible app or working on Awana verses and school Bible curriculum all fit under Worship as well as creative beauty.

Slow Days are also great for asking my littles what one thing they would like to do that day. It is a surrendering of my own agenda to what God wants and asking my family what they want to do. It is a day we are not dictated to by our schedule but by our desire to slow. To breathe deeper and relax a bit.

I mentioned yesterday missing beauty when I hurry, beauty is one of those things you cannot enjoy thoroughly when you hurry. Creating, enjoying and seeking beauty are slowing.

Slow Saturdays are a blessing because it seems the weekend can set the tone for the week ahead. I can either use Saturday to prepare for the week or to do other things. When I don't spend at least part of Saturday preparing for the week, I feel behind even before the week has begun.

Surrender. Less. Order. Worship.