Tuesday, January 21, 2014

W: Worship

The beginning, middle and end of slow are wrapped up in this idea of worship. We must start with His Word, feeding on it, taking time to be still, chew on it throughout the day and rest in it in the night.

Slow is a frame of mind and heart. Successful slow must have/take/make time to listen to the Words of Life.

If I hope my life will worship God, I must make that a priority. And, worship is a result - a giving back. First, I must study, ingest and invest time in His Word which creates a grateful heart of praise that wants/needs/desires to worship. It is a beautiful circle. I will long for more of His Word and then to bring worship.

I want a way of life that speaks worship to my God. To be honest, this is just very hard when life is so full that my head is spinning to keep up and I do not feel like there is space to slow.





It is a process even as you walk through those ideas. We must first surrender ourselves to Him, realize the world needs less of us and more of Him, allow Him to order our days and reap the harvest of an eternity of worship.

"Be still and know that I am God."

Photos: I made this darling Happy Scrappy Scarf for Rachel the other day and it is a bit too short to tie so we decided it made a perfect dresser scarf! It is so her, ala Lalaloopsy style!