Thursday, January 02, 2014

Slow: Mary Scene One

Probably two months ago when this idea for the coming year was fresh on my heart and mind, our pastor mentioned Mary {sister of Lazarus} and that she was only mentioned three times in the Bible. She is someone who comes to mind when I think of slowing - so I decided to start with the three scenes where we meet and observe her. Here is Scene One:

Luke 10:38-42

First a bit of compare and contrast between Mary and Martha:
Mary listened: Martha was distracted.
Mary was focused on Jesus: Martha was focused on herself and on her do-list.
Mary made a slowing choice, a simpler and more peaceful one with long-term benefits: Martha chose short-term, busier and more stressful.
Mary was quiet - no recorded words or defense: Martha was demanding, frustrated and sought help.

Now, before it sounds like I'm out to elevate Mary to a pedestal and banish Martha to polishing the floor forever and ever amen, let me note this: Jesus did not say Martha had chosen poorly, but that Mary had chosen better.

Jesus also said that what Mary chose will not be taken from her. That brings thoughts like these to mind: productivity is fleeting, results do not last; sitting at Jesus' feet has eternal results that will not be taken away. Or maybe He meant that He would not allow Martha's frazzled state to put pressure on Mary and take her from this time with Jesus.

In my life will I ever regret slowing down? Will I ever regret my hurry? Will I regret wishing my house was cleaner?

Interesting that the next thing Jesus teaches about is prayer - consider that! How do I choose to slow down when I have a God-given personality and giftings that don't naturally choose slowing?

Honestly, if you look at that list above, which side would you rather live on? That is tricky because there is something to be said for a healthy balance. In my ponderings, there is a very real struggle between slowing and productivity. Stay tuned, I think I conjured up more questions than answers in this post - but they are worth the mulling over.

Aside from all the questions - my thought for today is this: How can I make choices that slow? Do the choices I make slow or stress?

Continued next week - have a great weekend, friends!