Thursday, January 23, 2014

Slow Inspiration

A few links for inspiring an intentional slowing:

Download a free seven day ebook Seven Little Ways to Live Art - beauty.

Encouragement to stay home more at the Prudent Homemaker. Staying home definitely helps me to slow down.

I saw a link to this article on Facebook and then clicked further and read more. This is such lovely beauty and slowing truth for a mama. If you are feeling like not enough, don't do enough, are failing, etc, please read this. And, then this. Then you can work through and read her Dear Mom letters -

This is always an inspiring watch when you want to slow down for a few minutes - and then it lingers in your mind and you want to create simple slow moments of beauty in your life today.

This looks very intriguing and definitely slowing - would love to read the book!