Thursday, January 16, 2014

L: Less

I struggled between two words for today, for representing the letter "L" ~ love and less. I wanted to choose love because it is a beautiful motivation for slowing. But, I felt more at peace and at home with less. It seems to represent much more and is also a beautiful piece of slowing.

Slow is a choice. It will not just happen on its own as we've clearly witnessed in this rat-race-world we live in. It is like a return to our roots choosing not to embrace this pace.

Less. How does that contribute to slowing?

Less things in our homes to manage: purge and organize.
Less to go to: be under-committed.
Less to stress: watch my timing and decisions.
Less time away from home: creates a slowing in being home and not running around.

One of the beauties of less is that I embrace and choose less, I will see the benefits of more. More time at home, more calm instead of stress, more time enjoying and less time maintaining.

I loved the ideas behind this series on 31 Days of Less and More. I did not read every one, but again found the less vs. more trade off compelling.

We were gone for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and as we have transitioned back into home, I've saved all the boxes I unpacked from our trip. My goal is that before I get rid of the box, I can fill it up with things to donate and pass on. This creates some less for me right away.

Spend less. Manage less. Go less. Keep the calendar open more. Slow more. Breathe more. Love more.