Monday, January 27, 2014

Birthday Gift: American Girl Doll Accessories

My sweet girls just received their third birthday invite of 2014 and it is the third American Girl doll theme party! Are you sensing a trend in this age girls? I love it! I am beyond thankful that I was able to write a few articles in 2012 and save up that money to get them the dolls for Christmas that year because even though they were excited then, they love those dolls now! And, what a fun thing it has been to bring them along to so many tea parties and birthday parties and such.

Ok, moving on. In keeping with my goal to come up with gifts that are thoughtful and cute but extremely thrifty {as in I already have everything on hand} I decided to make a few accessories for the birthday girl's doll for this next gift.

I spent fifty cents for the cute box on Target Dollar Spot clearance over Christmas - everything else was on hand.

Rachel made this cute little jewelry set for the gift. Beads on yarn for a bracelet and a necklace, we used Kit to measure things and for our fit-model. Super easy, great way for one of my girls to be involved, using beads we had. Win-win-win.

Oh my word, can you get over the cuteness of this party hat?! I can not take credit for this in any way, but I love the idea and am totally stealing it. A party Emily went to a couple of weeks ago had these for each doll present, a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. We ended up with three some how, so are sharing one with our friend. They are all over Pinterest, definitely want to make again! Here is a link to a template if you want to try it!

I have had this funky orange yarn since my snow party, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how long I've held on to it with no plan, but there you go. I crocheted a little scarf for her doll - love how fuzzy it is!

Last is another idea I swiped from the party Emily went to - they made little tulle and ribbon skirts for their dolls using a pony tail holder. The pony tail holders were all snapping from too much stretching so I made mine with a piece of elastic from my sewing stuff. I just scrounged for fabrics, ribbon and even some tulle and just tied them on. Super simple, super easy, super cute!

There you go! Another thrifty and fun Birthday gift - hooray!