Friday, December 13, 2013

Slow Christmas

Slow is my word for 2014. I've been doing a lot of thinking and studying on this and writing posts for January on the topic! But, for now - it came to me do write a post on enjoying a Slow Christmas.

Do those words seem a contradiction to you? Slow and Christmas in the same breath? I know our situation is unique because we have been away from home for Christmas and this and last year for a month at a time. While I'd love to suggest you all take a month away and enjoy slowing down - that certainly is not very realistic.

Because we were planning to be away for a while, I had planned ahead. Christmas shopping and most of the wrapping done when we left. Christmas letters written and sent. Gifts delivered along the way - no need to mail packages. I can learn something from this - try to be ready for Christmas by mid-November every year so we can just savor December!

A few thoughts come to mind that don't require traveling or being away from home for a month that have helped us enjoy a slowing - perhaps one will be a blessing to you as well?

* Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar: we received this from sweet friends and our littles are up asking to open it up first thing each morning. The delight it has brought them and the attention to details. Lovely.

* Watch The Snowman: I use it as a "settle down" method, but really it is a delightful and peaceful short video that will bring the crazy level in your home down a notch or four. Another sweet friend {are you noticing a lovely trend here?!} gave us this several years ago - it is a favorite.

* Watch Ann's Advent Posts - as she says, "Make space in the pace for peace." Lovely. Week One. Week Two.

* Jesse Tree: we've struggled some years to keep up with completing our Jesse Tree or Advent readings. This year what began as an effort to conserve travel space has become a blessing - I left all of our Bible curriculum at home and we are using our Christmas Advent readings and such for Bible each morning in school. Slowing, a blessing. {Note: links mentioned in the Jesse Tree post are no longer active unfortunately.}

* Make it a game to see how many hours you can stay home one week. Out of 168 hours in the last week - we stayed home over 150 of them. That is slowing and it was gloriously wonderful.

* Drink hot tea {laughable for our southern friends who are contemplating when to turn the a/c off and on but perfect in cooler climates!} and slow to savor it.