Monday, December 23, 2013

Personalized Wooden Spoons: Last Minute Christmas Gift!

While getting flustered this morning in looking for gifts for two sweet friends - my Mom reminded me of the metal stamps I just got at Harbor Freight and that I had mentioned this idea of making hand-stamped spoons. Wrapping these up cute took way longer than stamping the spoons - what a super fun and incredibly thrifty gift! The flustering was that nothing seemed just right for what I wanted to give, but this proved to be just the ticket!

1/8" metal alphabet stamps {$9.99 at Harbor Freight, I used a 25% off coupon}
Set of three bamboo spoons {$3.99 at Garden Ridge - I bought several sets and broke them apart}
Pumpkin Bar baking mix {$3.78 for 2 at the grocery store with a coupon}

Total per gift:  $3.89 - and I am so super thrilled with how cute they turned out!