Saturday, December 21, 2013

Enjoying Christmas with Children

A couple of nights ago, we pulled out the good old classic Rudolph! As seems to be my pattern, after the fatigue from children sick in the night and all the extra work associated with that - I slipped into recovery mode and was in the mood to be crafty and creative rather than productive.

So, instead of other things, I was figuring out how to make some sort of reindeer container out of things on hand so it did not require a trip to the store. These turned out fun! And, were filled with some amazing concoction my Mom picked up at Sam's: kettle corn drizzled with white and dark chocolate. Yum.

Rachel made little place cards out of my paper scraps left from the treat bags! And, post-movie crafting was seriously cute. I can't believe how long Samuel stayed with making little pipe cleaner and bead candy canes. There was some serious creating and fun going on! Made my heart and face smile!