Thursday, December 12, 2013

Creative Worship ~ Let Us Adore Him

Yesterday was a hard day. We have prayed from afar and held our breath for updates from our dear friends who are part of our CC community who laid their sweet little boy in the arms of Heaven. As Tuesday came to a close, the news came that it would not be much longer and we prayed some more and will continue to do so.

As Wednesday dawned, I knew in my heart we needed to use this day to focus on Jesus. It was spontaneous and worship and hard and beautiful all at the same time. As I explained to my children that their little friend, Peter, was in Heaven now - I wanted them to see that we have hope because of the One baby who came to be born in a stable to grow up and die for our sins and bring us hope for eternity.

Rachel wanted to know what other babies we knew in Heaven so she could be assured Peter would have young friends there. We thought of Ellie. We talked about the fact that he was with Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the babies Herod killed in a rage trying to make sure Jesus did not survive, etc... and it brought a light to young faces to consider the wonder of seeing these face to face.

I told my sweet children that when they feel sad, they can pray for their friends - for the siblings who are all very similar in age to my three - for their parents, we can be thankful that we have hope, and that someone might come to know Jesus through this. 

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I cannot close without noting that God brought it to mind this was our fifth year on this tradition and also five years since my Dad's cancer diagnosis. I never pieced this together before now, but it is meaningful to me to reflect on that timing and to continue this beautiful and special time.

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