Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Horse Party


Well, here's a gigantic photo heavy post about Emily's 9th Birthday! We had so much fun surprising her!!!! She had been in 4H all of last year and it was sadly cancelled in January which she has missed. When she suggested a horse party I was initially at somewhat of a loss as to how to plan this kind of party with um, no horse. Then, the idea came that we had already paid for a full year of 4H this year and only had one meeting so I approached the farm owner about applying our dues to a birthday party and she agreed!

Emily and I scouted out Pinterest - here was our inspiration board for the party. I shopped our house for the fabric garland and flower garland, canning jars, chalkboard, and fun containers. We rode a pony, made these horse necklaces, painted wooden horses from Michael's, played pin the tail on the pony {free hand painted poster inspired by this sign that Emily loved} and instead of bobbing for apples {germs!} we hung them on twine and ate off the strings - fun!

I was disappointed that I made the frosting on her cake too runny and didn't notice until it was dripping down the sides of her cake but she pronounced it the most beautiful cake she'd ever seen! Love that.

Vintage berry crates were from etsy, straws, paper goods and horses for necklaces were all from Oriental Trading. I made the paper ribbons for her flower jar decor. The flowers came from the grocery store and were just what I'd hoped for. I had a vision of sweet, feminine, doilies, soft colors, etc. What else?

I am so thankful for sweet friends for Emily and for such a fun time together - we have a host of new sweet memories together celebrating our girl.