Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beautiful Slow

This was today's lunch scene - just an hour ago. It was dim, quiet, restorative in many ways. We watched the webcast with Ann Voskamp and my littles sat and watched most of it with me - Emily and I watched the whole thing the other two were sort of in and out.

More than anything they said, the hour ended leaving me feeling at peace - I had snuggled with my big girl on my lap, tasted yummy food that quieted a rumbling tummy. We were fed ~ spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally by spending time together. And I was full at the end.

Times like this leave me in such gratitude and wonder that we get to be home together every day. Do I know what a treasure these moments are?

We have had three glorious slow days in a row - not by plan, but oh I cannot express how restoring it has been. We needed this! And, I'm just swimming in the beauty of it and delighting in it. My word for next year is going to be slow so I can promise you'll hear a LOT more about this.

Along these lines, I want to remember something hilarious and yet wise Samuel said the other night. We got home late from riding the little Christmas train and I'd asked everyone to start getting ready for bed. I glanced down the hall and saw Samuel was laying on his bed but not obeying and getting ready for bed.

"What are you doing Samuel?"

"I'm getting my percent back."

"Your what?"

"My percent! I'm at ten percent now and when I lay here my percent comes back." that boy. Honestly, that is precious, endearing, hilarious, so typical of Samuel's personality and yet so wise of him too to know that he needed to "recharge" and get his percent back - just as he knows how to read the battery's charge on the iPad he knows when he's had enough. Love.