Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Song of Annie Moses: A Musical Quest, A Mother's Gift

I recently received a copy of The Song of Annie Moses: A Musical Quest, A Mother's Gift by Robin Donica Wolaver to read and review here. You may have noticed that I have drastically reduced the number of reviews I have done here lately. I just don't want to do very many and don't like to write commercials all the time. But once in a while I will agree to one and this one intrigued me because I like personal stories like this one was.

Although the Annie Moses Band had been at our church once, I really did not know all that much about them and enjoyed learning a lot of their story. Robin Wolaver, founder of the band and author, recounts a generational musical journey.

Beginning with her grandma, Annie Moses, she shares the role music has played in their lives. She acknowledges times when there was a greater desire for music and life did not cooperate and how she took a vision, legacy and passion and pursued these with fervor for her own children and family.

While I will admit that I cannot relate to the frantic schedule of juggling six children to and from music lessons which encompassed more than one state including lots of hours driving, flying, etc... I can relate to Robin's desire to train her children firmly in the ways of God, expose them to beauty and experience the blessings of home educating.

I think one of the most valuable things I took from the book for myself is this: I've been struggling with the amount of time involved in helping my girls with their piano lessons. When I help them, I do see fruit and appreciation - it just feels like one more thing to do on an already lengthy list. Robin shares her experience in learning that a music student needs a "significant other" to come alongside them. She embraced that calling and it has inspired me to take more of an active approach to instilling music in my own children.

Her point that one of the struggles with practicing is loneliness really hit home for me and I want to make sure that my children are not feeling left to fend for themselves in this arena. There are helpful sections in the back of the book on choosing an instrument for your child and so much more as it pertains to teaching music and musical instruments to children.

We will never be as committed to music as her family has been - this is not a criticism, just a reality. I would never wake my children so early in the morning to have practice before breakfast and such. But, I do admire that Robin was acting on what she believed was {is} right for her own family and really succeeded at that.

We also received a copy of Pilgrims & Prodigals cd with a bonus dvd and my girls especially have enjoyed listening to it when they lay down to sleep at night. It is quietly playing in the other room even now as I type. We enjoyed watching the DVD and learning more about their family there as well. I love that they are exposed to numerous musical styles and genres. I would not classify this as my favorite musical style to listen to, but as one of a number that I am thankful to be able to enjoy now and then. And, I certainly enjoyed the exposure and can appreciate the hard work they have invested to achieve such musical fluency. I am thankful for the enjoyment it is bringing my girls!

In closing, this book is very well named - it is indeed a recounting of a quest for music and a gift of more than one mother throughout history investing in the next generation. These qualities alone are inspiring and to see the fruit born of the hard work and investment of time, money, love, faith, etc. I am always encouraged to hear from a home school mama who has made it to the finish line of her home educating career and to hear the blessings and see her children go on as successful adults.

As I was reading, this book reminded me of two other mamas who have invested themselves heavily in music - and I can see this being a special encouragement to them in having someone who relates to the weighty calling this path appears to be. I think it will be a valuable resource and encouragement for parents passionate about pursuing music with their children but who may be a bit unsure of where to start.

I enjoyed reading this book and am grateful for the opportunity to share about it here. I received a copy of the book and cd for review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any other way.