Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Gift: Today

At the end of some days, I just want to ramble and remember every sweet little detail. I've had a combination of those days lately and just want to savor them. I love spying a little fall color in our backyard - this tree, I guess it is, sprouted up in the middle of the blueberries and is very showy right now! I may need to cut some and bring them in!

Continuing my ramble, the other night I was just worn out and sort of done from the day. David tucked Samuel in and the following conversation took place,

David: "Who are you going to pray for tonight?"
Samuel: "Mama"
David: "What does Mama need?"
Samuel: "Some time to herself."

Ha! Love that little wise one - and so sweet. He's been into some mischief lately, but he always comes back to a soft heart and sweet smile in the end. So thankful.

Have you ever heard of making a Pecan Pie in the Crock Pot? Neither had I until Rachel and I were perusing Pinterest looking for new Crock Pot inspiration and stumbled upon this. We had to try it and she did most of the work whipping up a delicious pie - it was fabulous!

In misplacing my pumpkin bread recipe this weekend, I ended up browsing my past blog entries looking for it. I landed somewhere in the middle of a Haven week and was so blessed and encouraged to read those entries - this space is a gift, in reflecting to see the blessings, the love and memories we've daily been given together. Each day knit together into a tapestry of beauty and lives lived together in love and grace. Not perfect. But, oh - there was beauty there for me this weekend.

In light of that, considering a Haven week coming up - just to have an opportunity to create some of that beauty again!

My family will be home any minute and my book is calling me - have a great day, friends!