Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Six Minute Beauty

If there is one question that comes my way more than any other it is, "How do you have time to {quilt, sew, craft, create beauty, etc?}"

And my answer is always that I make time. There are other things I don't do and if this sort of time investment does not refresh you then let it go! Your thing may very well be something different! But, for me - it is life giving and makes my heart sing. Therefore it is so important to carve out the time.

Thursday night, David was at work late and we were on our way home from ballet. I stopped for a $5 Little Caesar's pizza and wondered what beauty we could create in five minutes. It took six because I needed to handle a minor discipline issue - but that is real life! And, yes I really did time myself!

Minute One: Grab a quilt and spread it out!

Minute Two: Set out napkins, plates, drink cups or bottles and straws.

Minutes Three and Four: Go and cut something from your yard and put in a jar of water. Assign a child to get a library book out of the library box.

Minute Five: Handle a child situation :)

Minute Six: Fix drinks and have each person carry their plate, napkin and drink to the picnic area.

After that, just enjoy! Enjoy a yummy and simple dinner with the beauty of family and creation surrounding you. Read a silly book together and giggle over it.