Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Kindred Spirits

When the beauty berry bush is loaded with berries in our yard, I know it must be Labor Day weekend! It is the start of Fall to me!

At the beginning of every Fall, I hit this season where I am really in the mood to watch Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. I used to host small gatherings - but haven't done this in a few years. Not to mention that I haven't watched the movies at the beginning of Fall in a few years. This year, I really wanted to change this! {see previous Avonlea gatherings here, here, here and here}

I've had it in mind that I wanted to watch the movies, but one Sunday afternoon realized we could make the first movie happen that evening. I had so much fun for just an hour or two in the afternoon pulling a wonderful evening together! It was so special - just my girlies and me and what a treat! We laughed at all the same parts, enjoyed yummy and pretty food and had fun hanging out together.

I braided their hair, painted nails, colored and snuggled. It.was.so.good! I am so thankful for my own friends and kindred spirits that I get to share our home with every day. They appreciate mini salads and quiche and all the little extra touches and exclaim over each detail.

Shopped what I had on hand and planned a simple menu based on what we had on hand also since this was extremely spontaneous!

Enjoy some fun photos ~ another of my favorite parts!

Mini cakes were made using leftover batter from the Lalaloopsy party and "raspberry cordial" was made using Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea - certainly not raspberry, but the right color and they *loved* it!

Mini quiche and mini salads rounded out our meal and I had fun with the cute packaging, bakery boxes I received from my Grandma for Christmas! Milk was served in tea cups with dessert.

A wooden ladder was set up to hold some pretties, but my photos did not turn out well because of poor lighting, so I took them outside the next day and snapped these:


A super fun evening and sweet new memories together!