Monday, September 23, 2013

Christmas Photo Inspiration

We did a family Christmas photo shoot this weekend! Just a teeny sneak peek :) We took the very thrifty route this year and I took the photos myself with a borrowed tripod and my camera timer! This neat vintage truck is parked at a towing business on our way to church and I called for permission to go after hours and take a few photos which they graciously and quickly agreed to and I! I'm pleased with our photos and the fact that I spent zero is even better. I sort of made a mental list of photos I hoped to get and I think possibly my very favorite one is that one up top of David and I - I just love everything about it! And, he picked the goldenrod on the side of the road for me - sweet. Had to run home and take that heavy sweater off because it was over 80 degrees and humid! But, I do love how they turned out!!

I realized how fun it would be to think of more thrifty details about these photos:
quilt: made of David's Dad's shirt when he passed away - priceless
my boots: clearance little girls boots a few years ago
polka dot knee socks: Dollar Tree
denim skirt: thrifted, filled a bag of clothes for $2 or something and this was one of my items.
sweater: thrifted
goldenrod: free on side of the road

Look forward to sharing more of our photos near Christmas!!