Thursday, September 26, 2013

Apples, Apples, Apples!

Mmmm, I love apple season! This year, instead of doing the road trip to an orchard, I watched the sales and ordered apples from our local grocery store. My girls especially were disappointed to miss the experience of the orchard and my mom wisely suggested we make some of our own fun at home. That was all I needed!

It turned out to be a little tricky to coordinate the order, but I am thankful it worked out! It saved me ten hours of driving and lots of gas money. Plus, we had a super fun "apple day" at home.

I showed a few photos yesterday as our apple theme day fell on Slow Day as well! But, wanted to share more about it today.

We woke up to a lovely 67 degree {can't remember when it's been below 70 here!} morning and enjoyed a picnic outside. One thing we enjoy at the orchard is the cider donuts, so I wanted to make something similar for breakfast but also something not too complicated. I made this recipe and they were delicious! It's easy to decorate when you have lots of apples on hand!

We got some apples cooking on the stove and then whipped up a simple game - apple tic-tac-toe! It was a big hit!

Then they had fun painting the trays that came in the apple boxes - their idea! So cute and simple ...

We sort of alternated batches of applesauce and fun things - next was apple stamp painting!

And, then lunch! I made these yummy sandwiches - yummo!!!!

I tried something different this year at my sister's recommendation and borrowed a food mill to make the applesauce - I ended up ordering one and cannot believe how much time it has saved me! No peeling, cutting up, coring, etc. Wow! Plus, the mill makes it easier to have lots of help!

Smells like Fall at our house and we had fun and wore ourselves out! But, we'll sure enjoy that yummy applesauce in the weeks and months ahead!