Monday, August 05, 2013

Getting Ready for School!

Making plans and preparations for school is foremost in my mind right now as we are planning to start school at home this Wednesday! I think we are all ready to get back to the routine and I do love the things we learn about together!

We've been known to change things mid-way through before if something is just not working smoothly - but this is our prayerfully arrived at plan for this school year:

Emily: 3rd grade
Rachel: 2nd grade
Samuel: Kindergarten

Classical Conversations: this is truly the core of our curriculum. If you want to know more about CC, you can read my indepth posts here, here, here and here.

Bible: Positive Action for Christ
Math: Saxon
Mystery of History read aloud and Story of the World audio CD's

These three things are items are consistent with each child just to their level.

These items listed next may just be for one child or multiples depending on how things work best!

A Reason for Spelling
Classical Conversations Pre-Scripts Handwriting books
All About Reading {l.o.v.e. this program!}
My Father's World {using Kindergarten Phonics section of an older version because we already had it!}

We also have extras like children's choir at church, piano lessons and ballet for the girls. 

In an effort to be more diligent about practicing our CC memory work and doing some of the activity and map pages that I don't print out consistently - I printed out all the pages for the year and had them bound at Staples into these neat books. I think we are all excited about these! Resources used to create them include:
Map Trek
CC Connected
Story of the World activity page downloads
Half a Hundred Acre Wood links/resources
other online sources including Pinterest and Google searches

For the first time, I also made a school schedule. I sat in front of our school cabinet a few weeks ago and prayed for wisdom about how to manage and plan our time more efficiently than we had been in the past. I imagine I'll have to edit and change this as we go along, but thankful for a place to start!

I am studying Proverbs searching for all the references to wisdom, knowledge and understanding and noting the blessings of seeking these things which God promotes as worth more than great treasures. Praying for a great year together with my three sweet students!