Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Creation Museum: Part One

Well, now that we're home - I've been completely immersed in unpacking, getting re-settled, organizing, purging, etc! And, it just hasn't worked for me to find a few moments to post here - I want to get back to it and will in time even if not every day as before. I must focus on maintaining the good things that I've been trying to restore order to in our home.

As I'm still working on sharing about our drive home - after stopping to see my Grandma in Illinois, our next stop was the Creation Museum! I've wanted to go here for several years and it was well worth the extra stop and visit. We went part of one day and the whole second day. I was so excited to find buy one get one free admission coupons!

And, let me just say how thankful I am for the ministry of Answers in Genesis and especially the wonderful quality and Biblically sound material for children! It was such a blessing to walk through a museum that had God's Word everywhere and pointed to His handiwork in Creation!

The first afternoon we were there - we only had about an hour and a half and walked through the Creation Exhibit. Walking through exhibits on the Garden of Eden, building of the Ark and peeking into the empty tomb were so exciting especially to our children! And, I love that they are excited about God's Word and His story. We noticed that later in the day these exhibits were much more enjoyable as during the morning and early afternoon they were very crowded the next day!

Our church used AiG VBS and Sunday School curriculum, so we were excited to see the 7 C's of History so many times and that we already knew them was fun!

More on our second day tomorrow!