Monday, July 08, 2013

A Homey 4th

We have been in Colorado for the past several years on the 4th of July - but this year we are already home so I was trying to figure out how we would celebrate this holiday I enjoy so much! We were invited to a big area celebration that we planned on until it was cancelled earlier in the week because of tons of rain and more expected.

Thinking through several options, we decided just to plan a fun day at home - I scoured Pinterest and my own stash at home and voila - we had a lot of patriotic fun!

We started the day with a fun patriotic picnic on the coffee table!

I decorated a cake while David and littles drew a neat flag on the driveway!

David's Mom came for dinner - yum! And, we had soooo much fun making these Patriotic Luminarias! {caution: lots of language if you leave the linked post} Cake inspired by this - though I realize I did not do the blue on the right side. I was also unwilling to use that much food coloring so ours was much paler, but yummy :) After all that, sparklers and glow sticks and candles - oh my! What fun!!! Hope you had a fun day too, friends!