Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mama Retreat: Remain Strong

After a second Spring of feeling completely overwhelmed, I finally realized something. I start out the school year feeling fresh and organized and on top of things. I put a lot of systems in place and I am diligent in maintaining them. As the year goes on, I get lax about things or a child is sick or we just have a busy season or all of those and I get to feeling snowed under and unable to catch up or manage well.

Summer is a time of refreshing, of reflecting and making good plans for the coming year. Since I'm here again now - I want to be diligently praying to remain strong this year. Yes, I will be facing the same situations or other challenging ones - but I want to prayerfully be diligent in maintaining as many good systems and routines in my home as possible.

It is easy to think I need a new system or many new systems for home and family and school management. But truly all I need is perseverance and diligence to maintain the ones I have already found to work for us.

Coming from a mama who struggles with this - remain strong mamas, the fruit will be bountiful.