Monday, June 17, 2013

From the Heart

As I write this, it is Friday night and my Mom and I just watched part two of the 1940's house - we've seen it before but agree it is fun to watch again. It is just one of those moments where I need to process some things and I'm going to jump out of order with my recent posts and just let my heart speak. In days past, I would write my blog and feel like God was on the other side and I was writing out my heart to Him and I haven't felt like that in a while and want to again - so I'm just going to let the words come...

We walked through the Old North End this evening where we spotted these amazing peonies and a host of other gorgeous flowers and lovely old homes.

It has been an emotional day or perhaps series of days. Many of you have seen the Black Forest fire on the news. Last Tuesday was quite hot and we ran out to send a box at the Post Office and stop by the library for some summer reading club prizes. On the way home from the library, I was at a red light looking north and noticed a big column of smoke and was instantly concerned. Sure enough, it was the Black Forest fire that had begun that afternoon. 

We spent our growing up years going to Black Forest for Thanksgiving each year to spend the holiday with some friends who lived out there. My Dad had helped as they were building their house and it was always a treat to drive along the then-prairie Powers Blvd. and watch the antelope spring through the grasses. While that family no longer lives in that house, we were so sad to learn it is among the many houses gone due to this fire. 

The above photo is taken from the end of my parents street last Tuesday night and looking in the direction of Black Forest. Smoke does make for lovely sunsets. And, the lower photo is looking the other way to the south with smoke blowing up from another fire an hour or so south of the Springs.

While we are not letting our children watch the news, they are certainly still hearing a lot about the fire and they can of course see the smoke and all the air traffic buzzing around. I process by writing and even the thinking of writing - I write things in my head nearly all day and then have to find time to actually get them down. It seems that for now at least, Rachel processes by drawing.

Top photo is an airplane dropping slurry on a big ball of orange fire and bottom photo is an airplane dropping water. Emily drew the middle one of a helicopter dropping water. I love how children are so real and will just ask what they want to know and say what they are thinking. Yes, there is a need to learn to temper that some - but I do think that too often I am too concerned about what others will think if I even ask a question or say what I really think. Lesson to be learned here.

Funny how I haven't even gotten to what I hoped to write about and yet distinctly feel that this post is full enough. How about a few more flower pictures from our walk and Rachel's nature-walk bracelet?!  {My Mom was the initiator of the neat bracelet idea she'd seen in a magazine - just wrap tape around your wrist sticky side out to gather treasures on a walk!}

Oh, one more thing - I'm going to turn the comments off for a few days. Nothing has happened, I am just feeling the need for quiet and this is one way that feels right to receive quiet. I want to write not for what someone may say but for God and for my heart! I want to write so that even if no one ever reads it - it will still be the right thing to say and right words to share.