Monday, May 20, 2013

A Catch Up Chat

Good morning, friends. Thank you for the comments and emails checking in - I never intended to just disappear from here - life has been busy and at an overwhelming pace the last weeks and it finally caught up with me where I could not keep up posting and living it out!

Photo: sometime life just explodes and we have a lot of crisis management to handle, just keeping it real, friends. This is what the side of my bed looked like a week ago.

I think the busy-ness is past for this time and I have a LOT of photos and things to blog about! So, will enjoy catching up in this space. We are arriving in Colorado today and are so excited about this time with my parents. Plus, we were able to go see my sister at the end of last week and had such a great time.

I'll pick up my posts in order right after the girls ballet recital and hopefully be more consistent in the days ahead.

Thanks for your friendship!

My sweet friend Grace came the weekend of the girls recital and that was such a gift to me since my parents were not here. She brought this coffee table for us to re-do and me to keep since she is getting ready to move overseas. We always love a good project!

Here's the after - and the only picture I've taken so far, will have to wait until we get back from our trip to get a daylight photo! The top is chalkboard paint. We removed the baskets from the four end shelves and will leave those open and there are drawers in the middle two openings. Love it!

Oops - I take that back, just found this photo {real life, friends} of the table in daylight:

I so enjoyed these tulips ~ they were the girls recital flowers ~ and oh, how they prettied our lives for a few days!

When Hobby Lobby recently offered $2 shipping and a 40% off coupon code, I knew I wanted to try moss covered letters - I've seen them on Pinterest. SUPER easy - and we {Grace and I} loved the landscape sheet of moss I found. Note: we tried smaller letters and a larger one and larger is better! The one I have a photo of is the smaller size and still nice though! I made one for me and a few for gifts!

We also made this bread in my perfect-green new cast iron pot - a birthday gift from a sweet friend! I've used it numerous times already :)

My new hair cut:

A birthday money treat for me - love the polka dots!

And, in closing - a cute snuggly boy:

Ahhhhh, it is good to be writing and sharing in this space ~ indeed, a gift!


Stephanie in SC said...

So glad to see you have been 'living it'! I was worried, but I see you've been busy:-)

Tasha said...

So good to see you posting. I was starting to get worried. LOVE the new haircut.
Happy Monday to you Monica. Enjoy the time with your parents.

*carrie* said...

Glad for this catch-up, even though I knew most of it already. =)

The table looks great! Thanks again for coming--love you!

Wendi said...

The table is great! Looks like it had plenty of storage space.

Love your new haircut! It looks easy to maintain.

Enjoy your trip!

Mom said...

I've missed your posts, but knew where you were and what you were doing so I was not at all surprised you didn't have time for blogging! Glad to see the photos in this "catch up" post! :) Love you and can't wait to see you, Mom

Angelia said...

Welcome back! I missed you! Glad you are well. Thank you for sharing real life and I love that you put living it first. I really enjoy hearing the sweet and wonderful things that you do with Grace and your other " in real life" friends. I love love love your new table, what a sweet memory creating it. Wow, I love the unique storage. Your new haircut looks very good on you! And Sweet Sleeping Samuel is precious, Oh how your baby has grown up! It was nice catching up. Love, Angelia

angie said...

The table turned out so well~ so close in design to the one on Pinterest. The pop of yellow is fresh and fun!
Your haircut is adorable. Sometimes a change puts a spring back in your step.
What a blessing that you were able to visit with Carrie and family and now on to your parents. Priceless moments!

Anonymous said...

yay! so glad to hear from you:)

Anonymous said...

So glad things are good with you. worried something was wrong. God bless your time with your parents. Glad you are back.

Davonne Parks said...

Good to see your post! I absolutely LOVE your coffee table make-over! I'm sure you will miss Grace - she seems like a wonderful friend to you. What a blessing for her to visit you on Recital Weekend.

LynnMarie said...

Love the pop of yellow in the coffee table. Glad you are back posting.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back because I missed your posts. It sounds like you've been doing some neat things. Cute haircut.

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

Glad you are able to spend time with family :o)
Love the coffee table and green pot! Maybe when your friend moves overseas you can share some tea and make a craft together via skype.

Sara said...

Wow, so impressed by the table. And LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair cut. Have fun in CO!

Valerie said...

Loved reading your "catch up" post! Your coffee table is incredible!!! Love it and hoping you do a post offering a tutorial and some specific details! Cute, cute, cute!

Ginger said...

Your hair is precious. I figured you were on your way to Colorado. Enjoy

Shelby said...

I have missed you:) Love the post and your new hair is fabulous. Praying for you dad Monica.

Leanne said...

so fun to see you back! love your hair!!

Sharon T said...

Love the table, love the flowers, and love, love the haircut--so much that I am going to try that style in a couple of weeks.