Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Open Tabs

I cannot tell you how much I want to go here someday.

Just discovered this book - hope to find it at our library or maybe I will save up enough Swag Bucks!

1 Corinthians 13 for Moms.

Spied this quilt at a friend's house the other day and am wondering how many yo-yo's it would take to make one! I love it!!!

I'm looking for an excuse to make a cake that looks like this - maybe Slow Day?! Just to make a cake that looks so pretty and yummy!

I did finally make this bread - YUM! And, beautiful. Seriously - it is an unusual recipe, but please make it!

Books I read in February:
Spring is in the Air
Recipes and Wooden Spoons
The Long Winter {finished reading aloud to littles!}
Hand in Hand: Crafting with Kids
Song of my Heart

And, for our First Day of Spring party perhaps? These cute bunny milk jars


Wendi said...

A weekend of crafting... yes please!

Michele said...

I love Gaye's yo-yo quilt, but there is no way on earth that I'd make one. I spent several weeks fixing broken yo-yo's on it before one of our weddings. I've made a yo-yo pillow (which is a very doable project) and have to fix broken yo-yo's on that often because my husband insists on using it every day. If you ever make a yo-yo anything please consider not putting it where people will use it since they're not as sturdy as they look.

angie said...

I put my name on the waiting list for craft weekend. Meg made it sound like if I get chosen, I can always decline and get put back into the mix.
I only read one book in February--Cleaning House. I completely agreed with your review of the book. I hope to implement some mini-experiments this summer.
Perhaps The Homemade Year publishers will offer you a copy to test and review! I had already put that one on my Amazon wish list.

Mom said...

Fun links...

That craft weekend is so YOU! :)

Or you could put that book on your birthday wish list!

Lovely bread, cute bunny jars...

Love you! Mom

Amy said...

My goodness! Craft Weekend looks amazing! I might have to look into that for 2014!