Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mama's Night Off

As much as this mama loves her home and family, sometimes a little time away is just the thing for refreshing a tired spirit and outlook. For me, this was a Friday night and it was oh-just-right timing and it is amazing what three quiet hours can do for a person.

It was nearing sunset - so armed with a Michael's coupon, my camera and a great playlist - I headed out. First stop: the boat landing to catch the beauty being written across the water and sky.

Songs I especially enjoyed were:

Jason Gray ~ Good to be Alive
The Afters ~ Life is Beautiful
Natalie Grant ~ Your Great Name 

It's about a 30 minute drive for me to Michael's and just during the drive, I could feel myself relaxing and allowing some of the stress to leave. I don't know when I've spent an hour just poking around in a store - it was so fun. I did not have an agenda, wasn't looking for anything in particular - just enjoying the opportunity to slow and take my time.

My camera battery died that night, but here are a few goodies I found captured the next day with a freshly charged battery. {note: Michael's gives teacher's 15% off their purchase, take your homeschool membership card and you can receive it too! I took my HSLDA membership card. You can use this in addition to a 40% off coupon.}

All are very *me* and I know I will have fun enjoying them in many ways in the days to come. Chippy aged looking birdcage, grey felt flowers, chalk board stakes {!!} and neat tag labels ~ very fun! And, a very refreshing night off!


Sarah said...

Amen! I used my afternoon out to wander TJ Maxx. I bought a sketchbook and pencils. Then, I sat in the car and drew a picture. Then, I enjoyed a sandwich and coffee from Panera. Bliss!

Wendi said...

I am glad you had this time of refreshment. It is good to take time to breath and recharge. Not only for ourselves but our families also benefit.

angie said...

So fitting that you filled yourself with beauty from nature and crafting supplies. Knowing that your purchases are going to end up altered in some way, it will be neat to see their finishing touches. You really did snag some neat items. Did you leisurely walk up and down each aisle? I think it is important that our children see us doing things for ourselves to remind them that we have needs, desires, passions, too.
My kids have off from school on Friday. We plan to visit CFA for lunch to use our March coupons and some from the entertainment book, and also to stroll through Target just for fun. I am looking for fabric/paper to put behind old recipes that I want to frame. Perhaps I should add a trip to the craft store!

*carrie* said...

Nice! So glad you had this special evening to enjoy!

Elise said...

LOVE your new treats! I need to go to Michael's, it would seem.

Michele Chronister said...

Oh my goodness...I love mommy breaks wandering around a store! (Especially a craft store. Sooo relaxing...and so needed!! I love those chalkboard stakes. How fun!

Mom said...

Spectacular sunset and taking your time in a craft store -- bliss! (plus fun purchases!) So glad you had this time to yourself -- love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, Monica!
So glad you had an evening to yourself!
Where did you get that neat birdcage?
Love, Grandma