Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crocheted Dishcloths

Crocheted dishcloths are always nice to have on hand for a little homemade gift! I used yarn I already had, tied with doily and twine! Lovely!

I made these in January and now cannot recall which combination of stitches I used. There are lots of simple dish cloth ideas out there. Hoping to learn to knit at some point, but enjoyed making these as well!


Mom said...

These are darling :)

In my experience, knitting results take longer so I've always preferred crochet.

Love you, Mom

Amy said...

-ps comment moderation is difficult to read

Julian said...

Pretty! I love the way you wrapped them up! Knitting is difficult,I only crochet.:)
I'm now working on super soft scarves for Christmas gifts.
So glad you had some time to yourself the other nite:).

LynnMarie said...

Very nice gift for sure.
Yes, if I'm on my iphone the moderation words and numbers are VERY HARD to read. If I don't guess right after 2 times, I don't comment, sorry.... :(

Anonymous said...

Soooo pretty! What stitches did you use??


Wendi said...

Your color choices are so cheerful! The way you wrapped them is darling.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty dishcloths...and wrapped so prettily!
Love, Grandma

Amy said...

Oops, I guess it's called word verification.

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I made a BUNCH here

I love how you added a doily to yours. Adds a special touch and I want to remember that when I give mine away as gifts. Thank you for sharing!

angie said...

The varigated yarn makes for a cheery result. I rec'd a red crocheted dishcloth in a swap box, but I use it as a "doily" under a candle or mason jar. More to add to your Christmas gift stash!

Sewfine Quilts said...

I love the yarn. What brand is it? Where do you buy the doilies you put around them?
they are all gorgeous. I have never thought of crocheting dishcloths.


Sewfine Quilts said...

I love your dishcloths. what kind of yarn did you use to knit them?

Monica Wilkinson said...

Sewfine Quilts: this is called Sugar and Cream yarn found at Wal-Mart or Michael's or something.