Monday, February 11, 2013

Celebrating Rachel's New Life

Oh, this girl. She is something else ~ in the very best sense and in every possible way. No, I'm not saying she is perfect, but this world would be a better place with more like this one.

It snuck up on me when I turned over the February page on the calendar a day late and noticed only the night before that Rachel's 2nd Christian Birthday was upon us. Last year, I had a plan and it was beauty carried out but I was coming up empty, coming off being sick and plain worn out and overwhelmed.

So, I prayed about it. And, the idea that came was those Little Debbie butterfly shaped cakes and how easy that would be to pull off plus we were already going to the store the next day so I knew it would be easy to add something to my shopping list. And, that was enough for me to relax and just let it come.

We walked into the grocery store and I lingered near the flowers choosing these gorgeous pink tulips ~ so Spring and yes, the gift of new life made visible! Of course this prompted questions of, "who are those for?" and I explained they were for us! For Rachel! For celebrating! To which I received a hug from this sweet girl and a "Oh, thank you!" I said I was thinking we could have a tea party when we got home.

Well, guess what? They did not have the butterfly cakes, but when she asked if she could help me look and pick something out - I quickly updated my plan to, "you get to pick some little treat!" She wanted Zebra Cakes - so Zebra Cakes hopped into the cart and the girl was all aflutter with the idea of her tea party when we got home.

I observed something about Rachel during this. When I asked her to pick out something for a table cloth to set out on the driveway for our party, she lit up and was instantly in action. And, it hit me. She is We thrive on the creating of the beauty and I was not about to take some of that joy from her - so she just set the whole thing up including plucking a few leaves to put around the base of the cake stand.

Breakables were delivered by me - everything else was her doing. It was spontaneous, sweet and very simple ~ yet new memories were made and will hopefully be treasured for years to come.

We thanked God for coming into her heart, for that option and for His gift of new life. We talked about 2 Corinthians 5:17 and remembering what details we could about the day each of us asked Jesus into our hearts. And, there is the coming hope of Samuel joining us in this decision. {And, yes - Samuel is back in glasses for now.}

Listening to the oncoming sirens proved an interesting diversion, and after confirming there was no fire - the truck was leaving and saw our three curious watchers in the yard and graciously stopped for a little visit and gave little junior firefighter hats!

A very fun special time together celebrating!


Mary Ann said...

What a wonderful celebration! Love the tulips--I've been admiring them at the stores lately; need to get some one of these days just for fun!

Hidden Haven Homestead said...

What a blessed day!

Stephanie in SC said...

Love the sparkly shoes!

Mom said...

What a fun celebration to mark the anniversary of a special event! We were thinking of her that day (did she receive the e-card we sent?) and are so very thankful that she asked Jesus to live in her heart and be her Savior two years ago! Thanks for sharing these great photos of the way you marked the day -- love you, Mom

Leanne said...

that is so fun! I find that if I over plan, it turns out really stressful for everyone...if I just "go with it"...the day is even more special than if I had spent 2 weeks coming up with ideas!

The Mayo Family said...

A beautiful idea for you to celebrate her birthday! Smile...
Thinking it would be a sweet idea for 'all' of us!
Looks so pretty to see your greens grass & the tulips...we are still looking at 'white snow piles' and lots of it! :)So, indoor tea time.
Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Such a sweet and fun celebration :)

Little Penpen said...

What a sweet day! My grown daughter loves tulips too. I didn't buy her any, but I did snap a pic with my phone and sent her a 'bouquet' by phone last week. She loved it. :)) What a very sweet and special celebration of Rachel's
eternal life with Jesus!

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

I love celebrating her Christian birthday! How sweet of the fremen stopping and taking time with the kids. I remember taking my older girls to the train yard and the train conductor(or someone) threw a hand full of candy to my girls. They will never forget that!
P.S.>>Samuel looks adorable in his glasses :o)

Anonymous said...

How sweet & precious a celebration of Rachel's new life in Christ our savior.
I love the pink tulips...and do I see pink milk being poured from the teapot? What a fun tradition.
I love you, sweet Rachel.

angie said...

God's answer to your prayer led to a greater understanding of your daughter. That is true beauty. Rachel loves to share beauty with those around her just like her mama. Hopefully that desire will also spur her to share the gift of salvation with others.
Hanna loves to prepare the table for dinner or set out tea when we are having a guest. I've found that she and I have differing ideas of the best way to do these things, so it works for us to take "ownership" of different events, rather than collaborating on one.

*carrie* said...

That's so great, Monica. The tulips are pretty and it all came together *without* a plan!

Neat about the fire truck!

Kathy said...

So sweet! Thank you for sharing such a special time!

Grace said...

I love Rachel's Heart!! And Yes She is just like you!!